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Jazz Residences, Bel-Air, Makati City

HLURB LS No.: 25701
Completion Date: Completed
Land Area: Approx 3,598 sqm
Location: upiter corner N. Garcia Sts., Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati City
No. of Floors: 40
Unit Size: Approx. 16 - 63 sqm
Features and Amenities: Swimming Pool, Clubhouse, Landscaped Garden, Function Rooms,
Gym, Fitness Area, and The Jazz Mall

Artfully Urban

Known for its quaint and cozy restaurants and luxe designer shops for the home, the Reposo district in Makati is an artist’s haven. In this unique setting is SMDC’s Jazz Residences, a four-tower vertical building with its own Jazz Mall. Endowed with numerous commercial spaces, food establishments and SM Hypermarket, enjoy all that the area has to offer, and much more, as you live in this specialized enclave.

An Orchestrated Design

With linear accents on its façade representing the lines of the musical staff, Jazz Residences is inspired by music. With the contour and silhouette of its surrounding softscapes, Jazz Residences stands out like a well-sounding melody, making it a landmark within the vicinity.

Artfully Urban

City-Inspired Landscape Design

Jazz landscape design is inspired by the character of the surrounding streetscape, a “Fitness - Art -Nature Loop”, with integrated bike lanes, leisure walks with art corridors, and accent pieces set amidst a lush landscape.

Musical Creativity

Structure of musical pieces were incorporated into the design with neutral tones and materials, emphasizing the intent for a clean and modern look.

(Actual product and/or colors may vary.) Unit specifications

Living & Dining
Wall: Painted Smooth Plastered Finish
Floor: Ceramic Floor Tiles
Door: Wood Laminated Door with Lever Type Lockset
Wall: Painted Smooth Plastered Finish
Floor: Ceramic Floor Tiles
Partition: Laminated Sliding Door
Wall: Painted Smooth Plastered Finish
Floor: Ceramic Floor Tiles
Countertop: Granite Finish
Kitchen Cabinet: Laminated Wood Grain Finish
Toilet & Bath
Wall: Ceramic Wall Tiles
Floor: Ceramic Floor Tiles
Door: Laminated PVC Door with Cylinder Type Lockset
Wall: Painted Cement Finish
Floor: Homogenous Floor Tiles